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Below is a small list of some questions that we have received over the years.  We’ve done our best to answer these questions here but if you have a question that isn’t asked or answered below, give us a call and we’ll gladly try to help!



  • Which One All product will fit my coffee machine?
    • All you need is your current coffee machine make and model number.  Once you identify your make and model number, click on the Fits List here on our website.  If you don’t see your model number listed, please call our Customer Service department at 1-888-MEDELCO for further assistance.

  • Where can I purchase One All products?
    • You can purchase One All products here on our website.  One All products are also available at the following retail stores: Walmart, Kmart, Walmart Canada, Target Canada, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Ace Hardware, True Value, Big-Y and many more.

  • Are One All products dishwasher and/or microwave safe?
    • One All products are dishwasher safe using the top rack.  Care should be used so that the glass One All product does not come into contact with other objects during dishwasher use to minimize the chance of damage.  Only the following One All product models are safe for use in the microwave: GL204, GL210, GL212, GL220 and GL312.

  • Are One All products considered generic?
    • No, One All products are not generic!  One All brand products simply come from a small fish company competing with the bigger, more expensive fish! 

  • Why are One All products so affordable, they must be cheaply made?
    • All of the One All products are made with high quality materials that match or exceed those produced by the big fish.  We are a small but efficient company operating with lower overhead costs.  These efficiencies translate into lower costs and more affordable retail pricing for our customers.

  • Why can I use the Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle and Stovetop Percolator on my stove?
    • The Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle and Stovetop Percolator include heat resistant parts that are specifically designed for this type of stovetop use.

  • What is the metal clover-looking product (Trivet) included with my Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle and Stovetop Percolator?
    • This part is called a heat diffusing Trivet and needs to be used ONLY if you have an electric stovetop range.  On electric ranges, the Trivet must be placed atop the coil prior to placing the Kettle or Percolator on the range to boil.  At times, electric coils do not heat evenly and the Trivet is designed to distribute heat around the glass bottom more evenly.  If the Trivet is not used on electric ranges, the glass may break and lead to a hazardous situation.

  • Do I need to use the metal Trivet included with my Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle or Stovetop Percolator if I have a glass, ceramic or gas stovetop?
    • No, you may discard the Trivet if the product(s) are used on these types of stovetops.

  • How do I properly care for my glass One All products?
    • Simply put, glass is a very fragile material.  You should use extreme caution when using and caring for your glass One All product.  We suggest that all glass products be washed by hand using materials that will not scratch or damage the glass.  Furthermore, the glass should not be: bumped against other objects; scratched with any object; heated dry or boiled dry.  Please follow instructions included with your One All product.  In the event the event any of the above occurs or if the glass is damaged, discontinue use and discard product immediately.

  • Are One All products made in the USA?
    • Some of our One All products are composed of foreign and domestic parts.  Some of our One All products are composed entirely of parts made in the USA.  Most of the One All products are fully assembled here in our factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA!

  • Can I purchase replacement parts for my One All products?
    • YES!  You may purchase replacement parts here on our website for most of our products, including Lids and Trivets.  Any product that requires a structural part such as a Handle needs to be repaired and/or replaced by our facility.

  • Are One All products safe?
    • YES!  Our products are manufactured of products that satisfy FDA requirements for food contact items.


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